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Welcome to our amazing collection of the best dog coloring pages. We know that you’ll be very happy browsing the many hundreds of images. We have over 220 pictures of dogs for you to choose, from simple line art of different dog breeds, through to famous cartoon dogs such as the 101 Dalmations, or Paw Patrol to name a few.

We cater for adults and children as young as 2 in the images that we have selected for our dog coloring pages. When you are browsing through the pictures you can see some very simple lines which help to teach younger children who have not yet developed the precise and fine motor control of crayons and pencils. The large lines on these types of dog pictures help to focus the pre-school child on the concept of ‘inside’ the lines.

At this young age, they will not even mind that they are not staying ‘inside’ the lines, they will be happy to be copying the actions that they see older siblings or friends doing, which is putting marks on a page. As they grow older, you can introduce slightly more difficult pictures. The dog coloring pages that we have selected cover a really wide range of interests so that children won’t be bored from a limited selection.

You will find that there are generic pictures such as ‘little boy and dog’ or very specific characters from literature, movies and TV such as Adventure Time, Disney dogs Pluto or Goofy or Dougl from the movie Up. We also have the world’s favorite talking wiseguy Dog cartoon character, Brian from Family Guy.

We haven’t forgotten teenagers and adults too. There are some very life-like pictures of dogs that you can use for coloring, or if you enjoy drawing, you can use the outlines to help you master the lines and dimensions of drawing life-like dogs. Some of our dog coloring pages are also studies of just the face of the dog. This is true of the lifelike style of pictures that you can find. This is a great practice for people wanting to improve your

To help you select types of pictures for children of different ages you can use this guide:
Preschool children (up to age 4) will most likely like: the alphabet “Dd is for Dog”, Dog Stencil 88 and Spot (Easy Dog S Kids 3729)

Kindergarten age children will enjoy the letter of the Alphabet D - we have a selection of dog coloring pages to familiarise the shape of the letter D to associate the sound that starts the word Dog. Fun images relevant for this age group is also the pictures of Blues Clues and Cute Cartoon Dog. Many of the images in this section are available for coloring online so that you don’t even need to print it out.

School age children : Most of the pictures are suitable and of interest to elementary and middle school age children, and it will depend on their individual taste and abilities as to which they will choose.

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